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Often as people grow older, they may reach a point at which they, or their loved ones, can no longer live a normal life without additional help. This often means difficult decisions must be made regarding the best and most appropriate way to obtain the care needed to maintain the desired quality of life.

Until recently people typically thought that a residential care home was the only option available even if this idea filled the older person with dread.

Alternatives to a Care Home

There are now more choices than ever for people who want to remain in their own home. It is our aim to make staying at home as easy as possible, to give our clients the level of independence they desire whilst giving loved one’s peace of mind.

In our experience support at home for older people is entirely possible even for those with specialist care requirements, with costs typically comparable to those associated with residential care. Fully tailored to the needs of the individual, our support offers significant benefits over residential care, allowing you or your loved one to continue to live independently in the comfort and security of your own home, enjoy your favourite activities and remain part of your local community.

Support for older people in their own home is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to being admitted to a care home. It avoids the trauma of potential separation from a loved one or giving up a treasured pet and the potential loss of freedom and independence.

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Benefits of Support in your own home

In addition, living in your own home gives greater flexibility. In some locations One Stop Homecare can provide just a few hours care per week which can be increased as needs change. Live-in Support is the ultimate level of support and has the benefit of true continuity. We can provide Live-in Support throughout Northamptonshire.

From companionship through to personal care and to higher level care needs, our Support Assistants can help anyone to stay at home. We understand the importance of promoting and maintaining independence, helping maintain regular routines and preferences where appropriate and of course facilitating appointments, trips out and having as normal life as possible.

Every one of our clients has different needs and our flexible service and talented team members mean that we can tailor support to your requirements.

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Values and Mission Statement

Our values are much more than just words on paper….

These core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work and how we interact with those we serve.

  • QUALITY – In the service that we provide
  • PASSION – At the heart of everything we do
  • INTEGRITY – Always honest, respectful, and fair
  • CHOICE, DIGNITY & INDEPENDENCE – Essentials that underpin our practice
  • EQUALITY – Committed to providing high quality, person centred care, reflecting and responding to the diversity of the clients we serve
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Our mission

To give people the choice to remain safe and happy in their own homes by providing a first-class home care service. We aim to be the best at what we do, be a great company to work for and achieve commercial success.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality service which will enable people to live as independently as possible in their own homes for as long as they want to, and for as long as it is in their best interest.

We strive to maintain or improve our client’s overall happiness and we will involve family and friends to ensure client satisfaction.

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Gloria Robinson
Managing Director
Gloria’s journey in home care started with a personal experience which wasn’t a positive one. She saw first-hand how damaging irregular and inconsistent care can be. She came to realise that she had to get involved to try to make a difference, to do home care differently. One Stop Homecare was launched in the UK because too many home care services pay lip service to the importance of their carers but do not match this with their actions. We do not just talk about how important the One Stop Homecare Family is we have building our business around our caregivers. Our Mission Statement explains our ethos and why we are different. Gloria’s career as a carer has given her experience of some of home care’s leaders in best practice and she has been able to introduce the very best of this into our homecare service.

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